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Great moments in Electrical Engineering

Right after the new year, the St. Isidore sound system wouldn’t power on. I was able to run an extension cord from the sacristy and replug the power strips inside the equipment cabinet so that we could turn it on and off by plugging or unplugging the extension cord. I suspected this impulse relay that […]

Mailbox vs Snowplows

Well the old mail box post had the mailbox mounted on a platform that was hinged so that if the snow plows pushed snow on it, the platform would just flip and let the snow flow around it. That works for, probably 10-15 years. The last snow this year was just so wet and heavy […]

Tossback Tuesday – Wedding stuff

I ran across our wedding invitations and the mass booklet.

Breaking the mold

A couple of weeks ago, after a few days of rain, I went out the spa room door to try to entice the cat to venture out. It was like stepping on black ice. The days of rain on the mold on the steps had turned it into a slime with a negative coefficient of […]

Camp Cornell in full swing

Cavorting with the Calicorns

We had a great time out in San Diego. Here are some pictures (lots more on Mariel’s facebook mobile uploads). Some video clips too.

Culinary Fail

The line between the idea and the successful implementation of a culinary thought is pretty thin. WHDH’s The Dish segment last week had a cheddar fondue served in a pumpkin that looked delicious. I tried it Sunday. First I used too much garlic (4 cloves instead of 2); not sure why. It smelled really good […]

Salmon, Cole Slaw, Tomato/Mozzarella/Ravioli

No this isn’t Allora where Alisa posts so many mouth watering gastronomical adventures but this was quite the mid-week treat. Fresh Salmon steak coated with a mixture of Thai lemon grass (dried), coarse black pepper, and some Weber Sweet ‘N Tangy BBQ seasoning that we have had in the closet forever. Put it on the […]

Will Wonders Never Cease

I took the slider out to the porch (the one over by the McDonald’s side) because it kept coming off the rollers. Doing it myself turned out to be a big mistake as I had to walk it out from the frame little by little. Unfortunately the bottom was covered in grease and little metal […]

Lemons, Lumbar hernias, and LCD TVs

Matt and Mariel gave us a taste of Southern California last year: a little Limon dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. Very Pretty. After a tough winter in our bedroom (much too dry), the summer weather has coaxed some tiny lemons out. Betsy finally had her lumber hernia fixed this Wednesday. She has been putting it off […]