Monthly Archives: July 2010

Pooch gets groomed

Here is the cat pretending to ignore me because I subjected her to a grooming Friday. Of course she followed me into the bedroom to lie down and face the other way from me.

Valves and falling trees

Good ending to a good day Got the new multi-port valve installed on the pool. Took under an hour and I was able to use the existing piping. While we were chilling (basking in the success of installing the valve) we heard a big crack and a dead tree between us and the Claytons came […]

Fun in San Diego

We are halfway through our visit to the WestCoast Cornells. Mariel is off on Thursday so we went down to Shell Beach. Dex tried out his scooter on the hill and Chase tried his trike. Some short videos from YouTube. Saturday morning, Matt, Dex, Chase and I went to The Home Depot. […]