Monthly Archives: October 2010

New Low for Trick or Treaters

We hit a new low for trick or treaters this year, tying the all time low: 1 group of 2 kids. Lot of candy left over. The good news is that I got a lot of leaves raked Saturday and Sunday. There is an impressive leaf jumping pile in front of the cabana already. Also […]

Wood eye? Sure, eye wood.

Back in July we had a dead oak come half way down. Starting in mid-August, it took me a few days here and there to complete cutting down the tree and then cut it up, along with a few other trash trees I had been meaning to get rid of. After talking with Art about […]

Be Stern & Foster Good Sleep

After more than 25 years of sleeping on a waterbed, our new Stearns & Foster Market Street Ultra Firm mattress was delivered today. It has a coil density of 825×2, and a long list of features. Some interesting ones to me are: Cashmere infused fabric with Fleur-de-lis pattern Metal corner guards with 1846 Stearns & […]