Monthly Archives: January 2009

That’s trouble; starts with T; rhymes with P and that stands for Pool

Looks like we lost some water from the pool before it froze. The weight of the snow and ice on the unsupported-by-water cover was too much. I don’t know whether it tore the tie downs or ripped the bolts out of the concrete but looks like we have some work to do before next swim […]

Becca does San Diego

Rebecca just got back from 8 days in sunny San Diego with Chase, Dexter, Mariel and Matt. Click for the Picasa album:

Sr. M Doretta gets published again

I keep meaning to post this. Helen had another poem published in the December 26, 2008 edition of the National Catholic Reporter. See it in place on or just enjoy it below. (see for the painting that inspired it). Annunciation (after Tanner) No proper medieval lady at her books, no stiff brocades or […]

It Snow Picnic

We got about 7-8 inches starting Sunday morning till about 3 or so, and then another 6 or more Sunday night. Nice light fluffy snow.

Hiding the wires downstairs

Finally got around to moving all the components up into the bookshelves and installing a cable race for the two wires coming from the TV. Still have to clean up the wires on the right. Downstairs TV installation

Christmas 2008 – people, decorations, wall mount for TV