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Camp Cornell – June 2017 Solar Production

Mailbox vs Snowplows

Well the old mail box post had the mailbox mounted on a platform that was hinged so that if the snow plows pushed snow on it, the platform would just flip and let the snow flow around it. That works for, probably 10-15 years. The last snow this year was just so wet and heavy […]

Sometimes reality is more impressive

The tongue in cheek fantasy: The reality: a 60 ton crane and a chain saw.

Breaking the mold

A couple of weeks ago, after a few days of rain, I went out the spa room door to try to entice the cat to venture out. It was like stepping on black ice. The days of rain on the mold on the steps had turned it into a slime with a negative coefficient of […]

Camp Cornell in full swing

Spring at Camp Cornell

This plant is taking the little “Relax” sign as a command. Our two ornamental pears are flowering a little early. Justin did some burning with Art. And here are a bunch of pics from Easter weekend:

Its all about the glass today

Sometime last summer I was looking at the spa windows and noticing how they have fogging in between the two layers of glass. Then one morning I noticed how clear the bottom inch or so was on the left one (looking out). As I got closer, I realized it was clear because there was an […]

OctSnowber 2011

Link to pics for iDevices

Pool’s closed and Mom’s new PC

I posted this over on Google+ but figured some people might not see it there: Cat's Cute / Closed Pool Is Not Mom’s lappy is having power issues again. I think it is the plug since I just replaced the jack but decided to upgrade her anyway. Here is her new all-in-one HP PC.

Salmon, Cole Slaw, Tomato/Mozzarella/Ravioli

No this isn’t Allora where Alisa posts so many mouth watering gastronomical adventures but this was quite the mid-week treat. Fresh Salmon steak coated with a mixture of Thai lemon grass (dried), coarse black pepper, and some Weber Sweet ‘N Tangy BBQ seasoning that we have had in the closet forever. Put it on the […]