Monthly Archives: November 2008

Investing in the back

After more careful weighing of the possibilities I decided to try out some Relax the Back chairs. My main concern was paying a handsome sum for a chair which then turned out not to be nice to my back. If the chair was good, then the price would be well worth it. Well it turns […]


Well we finally got FIOS installed today. They say it takes 4-6 hours. Ours was done in 3. We got the phone-tv-internet bundle. The first three photos show how I had to clean up the old garage before the installation so the installer wouldn’t die from spider webs and other assorted crud. The next picture […]

Julie’s baby shower

Click on the image below to see the images up on PicasaWeb

Justin at the O’Meara 08-09-08 bash

Catch Justin doing a Ray LaMontagne/Stephen Stills cover at the O’Meara 080908 bash (the formatting is being worked on)

Found and fixed the pool leak – July 2008

Found (and fixed) the pool leak

Pooch looses encounter with hair clippers

the cat got a very aggressive haircut

Hail, lightning, thunder and Tyler gets his hair cut.

Yes Tyler did get his hair cut I don’t know if it was related but we had a lightning strike and then vicious winds, rain and hail See the pictures of the aftermath

Winter pics from Camp Cornell March 2008

Latest Winter pictures from Camp Cornell: 3/1-2/2008

Sr. Doretta authors front page article for The American Catholic

S. M. Doretta Cornell authored the front page article on The American Catholic

Rebecca singing the National Anthem at RWU Graduation – May 2007

Rebecca Singing the National Anthem at the RWU Commencement exercises (just before she graduated cum laude!)