Monthly Archives: May 2010

Summer has started – Woody enjoys the pool scene

This was definitely the best pool opening ever. Even though it has been pretty warm since April, the water was clean. The rains had filled the pool so I was able to vacuum the silt on waste, and Mom and I opened it in under 3 hours. Water temp is 56F but the sun is […]

Nun Better and 2010 Springfest

Sr. Doretta and the nuns at Good Counsel were challenged to a softball game by the Good Counsel Academy All Stars (grammar school kids). They had heard about a softball team the nuns had many years ago which was named Nun Better. Doretta is in the 6th picture. She also got a hit both […]

Woody checks out the new monitor on Zeus

Wow – The new monitor is even more spectacular because I spent 2 days using the old 21″ Hitachi CRT. It was so fuzzy I could hardly “bear” it.

Summer starts at Camp Cornell

No it is not that the pool is opened. That should happen in the next few weeks. The first official sign is that the entertainment center location moves up to the back porch. We moved the TV, STB, dvd player and Hermes up to the porch last Saturday night so we could watch the Celtics/Cavaliers […]