Monthly Archives: July 2011

Will Wonders Never Cease

I took the slider out to the porch (the one over by the McDonald’s side) because it kept coming off the rollers. Doing it myself turned out to be a big mistake as I had to walk it out from the frame little by little. Unfortunately the bottom was covered in grease and little metal […]

Heaters gonna heat

Yeah – it wasn’t in the shade but still pretty impressive: And at 1PM it didn’t go down:

Lemons, Lumbar hernias, and LCD TVs

Matt and Mariel gave us a taste of Southern California last year: a little Limon dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. Very Pretty. After a tough winter in our bedroom (much too dry), the summer weather has coaxed some tiny lemons out. Betsy finally had her lumber hernia fixed this Wednesday. She has been putting it off […]

Don’t judge a book, etc.

Betsy and I decided to take a little Sunday drive to see the ocean. We headed for Nahant and toured that quaint little peninsula. The intermittent rain stopped long enough for us to get out for about 10 minutes at a marina and enjoy the breeze and the sea air and a very foggy view […]