Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas decorations and Post Christmas Snow

Betsy did her usual magic with the Christmas decorations. Here they are, along with some pictures of the December 26-27 snow storm. We ended up with about 8-10″. Of course the McDonalds were away in Disney World so I cleared their driveway. I fooled Art though – I used his gas 🙂 Link to […]

I spoke waaay to soon

On Tuesday I was chatting with Mariel to wish her happy birthday. She said maybe we will have a white Christmas. I responded that that was not likely as the weather forecast had no precipitation and temps in the high 30’s, low 40’s. Well the forecast and I were totally wrong. We got about 3 […]

Next summer’s project

Art and I have been talking about trimming the arborvitaes between our fences. I planted two of them several years after the first bunch and they are now about 8-10 feet shorter than all the others. Well, Art thought of a way we can even them off. Of course it is more likely that we […]

water water everywhere – except in the pool

Well looks like my plan B is the one that will win out. I had been checking the water level by looking in the skimmers but it turns out that once the water gets below the skimmer on the outside, there is still water in the skimmer since I have the drain plugged. The water […]

Much to be thankful for

We had a wonderful 12 day visit from the West Coast Cornells and all who came up from NY/NJ and over from Lancaster to enjoy them. Link to pics