Monthly Archives: May 2011

Pool liner replaced, water in, filtration working

The liner went in smoothly this morning. First of 3 water truckloads showed up around 12:30, and despite thunderstorms, hail, and a tornado out in Grafton where the water was coming from, the last truckload finished around 6:15. The pump is on and running. The water is 55° but the sun is supposed to be […]

Cristi and Shawn’s Wedding

We spent a lovely Memorial Day weekend celebrating Cristi DeSocio and Shawn Murphy’s wedding. The marriage was celebrated at St. Mary’s Church in Wells, ME. Becca was the Maid of Honor and sang Ave Maria as the communion meditation hymn. There were few dry eyes in the church following that. The reception was at Wentworth […]

Kaitlin collaborates with Br. Mickey O’Neill McGrath

Back in September of 2006, St. Isidore had world famous artist Br. Mickey O’Neill McGrath lead our Generations of Faith session. During the weekend he sketched one of the pages from his then yet unpublished book, Jesus A to Z. He commissioned Kaitlin to color it in. Over the next few weeks, Kaitlin and her […]