Kaitlin collaborates with Br. Mickey O’Neill McGrath

Back in September of 2006, St. Isidore had world famous artist Br. Mickey O’Neill McGrath lead our Generations of Faith session. During the weekend he sketched one of the pages from his then yet unpublished book, Jesus A to Z. He commissioned Kaitlin to color it in. Over the next few weeks, Kaitlin and her friend Mary did just that. This past weekend we had Br. Mickey back to lead us in a reflection on the Rosary using his art.
He got to see Kaitlin and Mary’s work for the first time. Other than wishing Kait had painted a Phillies cap on Jesus or Joseph instead of the Yankees and Red Sox ones, he loved it.
During the break in the session, Kait and Br. Mickey ceremonially signed their collaboration.

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