Surgery updates

4:15 – Betsy is back home. She is resting comfortably in her own bed.

2:20 pm – Just got the call: Betsy is free to go. Heading over there now.
Friday – 7/8/2011
6:30pm – They finally unhooked Betsy from the oxygen and the intraveneous drip. She is still catheterized. She got up and took a walk around the floor.She just had some supper.She was able to walk without too much pain.

9:20 am – Betsy just called. She will be staying another night. Surgeon thought things looked good but thought it best to keep her another night. She should be finished with the antibiotic this morning so they will take out the intravenous hookup and she will be getting up and moving around. I will probably go over after lunch.

9:00 am – Waiting to hear from Betsy to see what the surgeon said after seeing her this morning.

6:30 pm – Betsy had a little to eat and is dozing again. Nurse came in and woke her 🙂

4:50 pm – Betsy is heading up to her room. I am going back with a few things she will need overnight. will post more after I see her.

3:30pm – Finally got in to see her. She is still drowsy but waking up. The surgeon ordered a followup Xray and won’t release her to her room until the surgeon sees the Xray and talks to Betsy. The surgeon was in surgery so there was no time estimate on this. I went home to get stuff together to bring back. Waiting for call.

1:30 pm – apparently they gave her a good dose of whatever. She is still sleepy and they won’t move her until she is fully awake. No time estimate given.

12 noon – just spoke to surgeon. She found and fixed the hernia. She used some mesh to strengthen the repair. Betsy is going to stay over night. I should be able to see her in 30 mins or so.

10:20 AM – OR team came and took Betsy up.

10:00 AM – Dr. Resciniti came in and marked the hernia. She said it would take about 1 to 1.5 hours

9:35 AM – Anesthetist came in and did his checking.

9:15 AM – I was able to go in and wait with Betsy in the Prep area.

8:30 AM – arrived at Emerson. Betsy went right in to prep.