Monthly Archives: December 2009

Don’t it always seem to go

Well just after everyone had showed up at Camp Cornell for Christmas last Thursday, the microwave died. It was a little bit of a challenge living for 5 days with all those left overs and no microwave to reheat things. (Eggplant parm reheats very nicely in a fry pan, btw). Well we can relax again […]

White Christmas – goodies, goodies, goodies

Link to pics Well we got about 7 or 8 inches of snow last night and this morning. It was light and fluffy and the Ariens had no problem at all with it. They were predicting anywhere from 4 to 12 for us so we made sure we had all the ingredients for goodie […]

Hermes – babysteps

well it took a number of driver re-installs and a lot of reading Ubuntu forums and excellent tech support from the west coast but Hermes is able to play videos with sound no less. The lighting is poor because of the lack of control of this camera but here is Hermes playing the Charlie Brown […]

Go ahead and laugh San Diego!

You know you miss this 🙂 Yes the snow has begun. As it often happens, the first snow of the year was on the Lopano Christmas party weekend. It was not a big deal since it was only an inch or so and the roads were still warm. Today is the real deal: (link to […]

It’s a wrap – and hermes appears on the scene

Many years ago, Betsy expressed envy at Dosie’s industrial Saran wrap dispenser. So we bought her one. This had to be at least 15 years ago. We only pulled it out when we had run out of the little 100ft boxes you get at the grocery store. Finally, finally, it ran out: I don’t know […]

44th Lopano/Venuti Christmas party

Another great Christmas party where nothing spilled and there were no fights between kids or adults. Food was fantastic. Link to pics.