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Rose: Don’t mess with my Dunkin Donuts

Columbus Day weekend 2019. Betsy was down in Charleston with Mary Lou and Dolores, Kristin was away with friends, and Christian was busy with soccer so I had Rose for the weekend. I planned to take her to Mass with me on Sunday. As Saturday rolled around, and Rose and I went up to church […]

Rose: Ice Cream can help

Summer 2019 – Rose was waking up slowly from her nap as she likes to. I was sitting on the couch in her room letting her decide when she wanted to get up. I opened the blinds after a while and she saw that it was cloudy and getting dark even though it was afternoon. […]

Sr. Doretta receives the 2017 Partnership for Global Justice Award

At the luncheon, Sr. Susan McCarthy, RDC, introduced the 2017 PGJ Peace and Justice Award winner, Sr. M. Doretta Cornell, RDC, after which President of the Board Sr. Kathy Nolan, CSJ, presented the Award. After the luncheon, Sr. Doretta presented an overview of the work done by the Sis-ters of the Divine Compassion to make […]

Camp Cornell in full swing

Mr. & Mrs. Stone – 7/6/12

And for those who weren’t sure, that was me doing the harmony with John Denver on the 2nd verse, and both melody and harmony on the last verse of the Father Daughter dance. And the DJ totally talked right over the end, which was probably a good thing 🙂 Listen to it here Dexter dancing […]

Cavorting with the Calicorns

We had a great time out in San Diego. Here are some pictures (lots more on Mariel’s facebook mobile uploads). Some video clips too.

Much to be thankful for

We had a wonderful 12 day visit from the West Coast Cornells and all who came up from NY/NJ and over from Lancaster to enjoy them. Link to pics

Woody around the house.

Hi Chase, Here are some more pictures of Woody around our house.

44th Lopano/Venuti Christmas party

Another great Christmas party where nothing spilled and there were no fights between kids or adults. Food was fantastic. Link to pics.

Early Thanksgiving and much to be thankful for

Well somehow everyone managed to converge on 206 Hudson Road for an early thanksgiving celebration.  The following is a visual sample. I wish I had the technology to offer an olfactory sample. The food was amazing.