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Mr. & Mrs. Stone – 7/6/12

And for those who weren’t sure, that was me doing the harmony with John Denver on the 2nd verse, and both melody and harmony on the last verse of the Father Daughter dance. And the DJ totally talked right over the end, which was probably a good thing 🙂 Listen to it here Dexter dancing […]

1 Locking Ring

The hot tub is up and running as of Thursday evening. Christmas morning, Elif finally got a chance to try the hot tub. At some point right before or soon after she got it, the locking ring on the filter split, spraying water all over the area under the hot tub. GFI worked and tripped […]

Culinary Fail

The line between the idea and the successful implementation of a culinary thought is pretty thin. WHDH’s The Dish segment last week had a cheddar fondue served in a pumpkin that looked delicious. I tried it Sunday. First I used too much garlic (4 cloves instead of 2); not sure why. It smelled really good […]

Burn 2011

Today was a perfect burn day. It rained pretty heavily on Wednesday. It was cool (around 40) and cloudy. Here was the start of the larger of the two piles. Art was burning too and while he and Greg Michaud were talking, this hawk swooped down, grabbed something and then it looked like it dropped […]

New Low for Trick or Treaters

We hit a new low for trick or treaters this year, tying the all time low: 1 group of 2 kids. Lot of candy left over. The good news is that I got a lot of leaves raked Saturday and Sunday. There is an impressive leaf jumping pile in front of the cabana already. Also […]

Not a good week for Camp Cornell cars or pool

Yep – the pool is still leaking. So my options are: 1 – spend another $225 at least to have the diver come back to try and find more pin holes. No guarantee. 2 – let the water drain, forget about closing the pool and just keep the bulk of the leaves out. In the […]

Woody’s first fire and water experience (updated pics)

Woody looked on with mixed feelings as the Brooklyn bunch helped out with the 2010 burning. And then he had his first washing machine experience when I left him in my jeans pocket. link to pics Also, this spring was so wet and so early that these tulips bloomed for the first time since we […]

White Christmas – goodies, goodies, goodies

Link to pics Well we got about 7 or 8 inches of snow last night and this morning. It was light and fluffy and the Ariens had no problem at all with it. They were predicting anywhere from 4 to 12 for us so we made sure we had all the ingredients for goodie […]