Monthly Archives: February 2010

Woody around the house.

Hi Chase, Here are some more pictures of Woody around our house.

More postings from San Diego

First postings from San Diego

We are having a great time out with the West Coast Cornells. The weather has been cloudy and cool and rainy until today but we haven’t let that get in our way. link to pics Some viddy on Youtube too: Dexter at basketballMore Dexter at basketball Matt tries knife throwing – the good Matt tries […]

No, THIS is a snow storm

I don’t know whether I would have felt better about our flight cancellation if we had gotten this snow last Wednesday. Hopefully this clears the way for a weather cancellation free trip on Thursday. Link to pics

Don’t Leave Us With the Babies

I hope our flight cancellation didn’t cause any problems.

Bummer – suitcases are staying right there

Our flight to San Diego was canceled today. They were predicting 6-12 inches of snow. It never got here. Logan got even less than we did. Link to pics We had to reschedule. With only one flight a day, the next few days got filled up pretty quickly (much more quickly than the 50 minutes […]

What’s the big hullabaloo

OK so I have to admit I was a little jealous watching Chase and Dexter (and Matt) rocking out to Steve from Hullabaloo Here is my first response. Watch out Hullabaloo; I’m not done yet.