Monthly Archives: March 2010

Karissa helps end use of the R-word

As reported in our local Stow Independent last week, Karissa participated in her high school’s Best Buddies group as they campaign to stop the pejorative use of the word retard. For more information and to participate see Karissa has been active in Best Buddies, an organization which pairs typical students with those with intellectual […]

Jesus wants me

I know I spend a lot of time up at St. Isidore and down in Braintree at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center but I was still shocked to see that Jesus wants me for a special mission (email received 3/22/2010): To: Subject: Emergency Message from The Lord Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 07:57:41 +0100 From: […]

Woody helps Kristin and Kaitlin get to San Diego

Kris and Kait’s Jet Blue flight was canceled yesterday so they ended up getting a 5:40 AM flight out of Manchester. They came over last night to sleep and we left around 3 AM. Woody helped get them on the road.

Snow is melting

Woody is getting excited that the snow is really melting and soon he will be able to go in the pool and run around in the backyard. Woody waits with Nina before we go out to a great new sushi restaurant in Hudson with Clif and Dyane Friday night.

The RMV saga

The Olds had a February inspection sticker so a week ago last Friday (the day we got back from San Diego), I ran it over to the Mobil station in Hudson. It failed inspection because there were some exhaust leaks and the license plate was too worn to be viewed safely. (They just don’t make […]

Brunch with the Medeiros kids and Woody helps out

Kristin was heading out to Philadephia for a work meeting so we had brunch this Sunday with Kaitlin, Tyler and Karissa. Of course Woody came along and had a great time at the table and riding the stuffed bear. Woody has been busy around the house. He and Pooch were chatting a bit the […]

Food and photos appeal to Woody

Woody has been busy the last few days. On Wednesday he help me do the shopping at Shaws. He got a little quiet as we were putting the toilet paper in the trunk and I asked him what was up. He was wondering whether they came from the same trees he did. Then later that […]

Always good to have help bringing in the trash barrel

Woody goes to the tax meeting

And for a shout out to Nazareth PA, here is a neat Mark Knopfler song I had not heard before: Speedway at Nazareth Lyrics and back story here