Monthly Archives: January 2010

Here’s the new watch I got Betsy for Christmas

A few weeks before Christmas, Betsy told me that her watched had stopped working and when she took it to Wright’s to see if they could fix it they told her it was not worth it. So I decided to get a new one for her, which I did. Turned out the watch that had […]

Winter Wonderland in Stow

It snowed all day yesterday until around 9 or so. Picked up another 2 inches at most. It didn’t get that cold so the snow blanket actually help melt the stuff underneath. Clean up was pretty easy today.

Maybe these are related and maybe not…

For Christmas, Matt gave me throwing knives. Well first it was just a throwing knife. I tried it out on the bulletin board in my office and it took me 5 tries to get a stick. It turned out that the company sent me the wrong item. It was supposed to be a set of […]

I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…

Link to pics Since we were stuck in the house since late Friday night with a long off shore nor’easter I had to put on a pot of chili before I went out to Mother Nature’s gym.

Home Alone – 2009

After more years than I care to count going out on New Year’s Eve the weather and holiday exhaustion won out this year and we are home alone. We had a few inches of snow this morning through early afternoon (which led to a spin out of a jeep with a subsequent crash into one […]