Not a good week for Camp Cornell cars or pool

Yep – the pool is still leaking. So my options are:
1 – spend another $225 at least to have the diver come back to try and find more pin holes. No guarantee.
2 – let the water drain, forget about closing the pool and just keep the bulk of the leaves out. In the spring, drain it all the way and see if I can find/patch the holes.
3 – If 2 or 1 didn’t work, the big hammer would be to replace the liner. It is only 12 years old and is supposedly a 25 year liner. I think it was around 3K when it was done in 1998.

The Sebring has had the oil light on for several months. Hopefully all it needs is a new oil sending switch. George noted that it was leaking a little oil last time.
Tyler brought the Focus back last week and it turns out the Check Engine light has been on for a while.
The Olds’ steering started acting funny on Friday and then it was making creaking noises at low speed. Took this to George first. Turns out I was a good bump in the road away from losing the whole engine/transmission.
Here is a picture of the bottom of the frame. The back is usually connected to the rest of the frame with 4 bolts that have a rubber cup around them that acts as a vibration damper. All 4 cups rotted away. The hole the bolt goes through rusted out on the 2 left side bolts and basically the frame dropped on that side. In the picture you can see that the support arm dropped about 4 or 5 inches. George is saving it though so it should be all better by tomorrow.

Engine/Transmission support separated from the frame

Engine/Transmission support separated from the frame

Well George (Steve really) fashioned a plate and welded it onto the support and now it looks like this.
What it looks like fixed

What it looks like fixed

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