Culinary Fail

The line between the idea and the successful implementation of a culinary thought is pretty thin. WHDH’s The Dish segment last week had a cheddar fondue served in a pumpkin that looked delicious. I tried it Sunday.
First I used too much garlic (4 cloves instead of 2); not sure why. It smelled really good carmelizing in the butter. Then I didn’t have any Oktoberfest beer in the house so I improvised with some seasonings and water. Last, my hands got tired shredding the pound of premium white cheddar so I bailed after about 2/3 and threw in some already shredded 4 cheese blend.
It was definitely too garlicky but it was edible. And I just couldn’t get over using the pumpkin simply as a bowl. Maybe it was the garlic but it didn’t seem to pick up any hint of pumpkin.
I guess it is good to have one of these that goes on the list NOT to make again.

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