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Camp Cornell in full swing

Spring at Camp Cornell

This plant is taking the little “Relax” sign as a command. Our two ornamental pears are flowering a little early. Justin did some burning with Art. And here are a bunch of pics from Easter weekend:

44th Lopano/Venuti Christmas party

Another great Christmas party where nothing spilled and there were no fights between kids or adults. Food was fantastic. Link to pics.

Justin at the O’Meara 08-09-08 bash

Catch Justin doing a Ray LaMontagne/Stephen Stills cover at the O’Meara 080908 bash (the formatting is being worked on)

Matt and Justin Skydive

10/11/03 Justin (5mb) and Matt (5mb) exercise their right to stupidity and jump out of perfectly good airplanes. For those with extra time and bandwidth on their hands, bigger movies are available.