Its all about the glass today

Sometime last summer I was looking at the spa windows and noticing how they have fogging in between the two layers of glass. Then one morning I noticed how clear the bottom inch or so was on the left one (looking out). As I got closer, I realized it was clear because there was an inch of water between the panes.

I started imagining what would happen if that froze in the winter so I called Country Glass and they came out and took measurements. I was warned they were expensive but it took so long for them to find the correct source, the quote I got in December for $6350 to replace all 4 was an eye opener. I decided that the 3 “dry” ones didn’t look $4800 bad so I just ordered the left hand one. And while they were at it they replaced the flat pane by the deck which was really fogged up.

They did both installations today and now the others really do look bad in comparison.

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