Fun in San Diego

We are halfway through our visit to the WestCoast Cornells. Mariel is off on Thursday so we went down to Shell Beach. Dex tried out his scooter on the hill and Chase tried his trike.
Some short videos from YouTube.
Saturday morning, Matt, Dex, Chase and I went to The Home Depot. Dex and Chase built periscopes, and we got the materials for the soda bottle rocket launcher.
In the afternoon we went to the pool for a while:

link to pics
Betsy and I took Dexter and Chase (or the other way around) to see Toy Story 3 on Saturday night.
Sunday mid-day Dex and Matt and I built the launcher and did a few proof of concept launches out on the street. Concept has been proved!
Turned out the bottle was not fully mounted on the launch tube.
And later that night we went to the Aquarium and watched two sets of fireworks.

Here are some pics from Saturday.
link to pics

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