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UPenn (14) vs Brown (7) in Providence

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Rebecca in San Diego

For flash challenged users

The pool is closed. Such is life in Stow, MA

The new cover came in on Friday and with the help of Rebecca and Charlie, we installed it on Saturday.

The Pool, The Beach, such is life in La Jolla

Non flash link here New pics from Monday evening added on Tuesday 9/15

Tatum and family in sunny San Diego

Here’s the link for Flashless phones Tatum Lina is beautiful and big brothers Dexter and Chase are helping out alot.

Lopano-Venuti Summer Reunion July 11, 2009

Here are the pictures from the 2009 picnic. We had it up in Croton and it was a wonderful (albeit windy) day. You can check out Alisa’s pics at

Tyler’s a driver

Well Tyler got his license yesterday, and drove his sisters over to Camp Cornell to visit with Justin and me.

Sand, Diego and Sun and family

Here are some pics from our trip out to see Matt/Mariel/Dexter/Chase/TBD. The first image is the medals that Dexter made from us. He twisted the plastic bag into a really good rope but it became untwisted in the flight home. Many more at

Dosie turns LX

Pics from Matt/Mariel meeting with Heather and Kevin

Matt and Mariel and the boys had lunch with Heather and Kevin Marty out on the West Coast on Sunday 3/1.  Heather emailed these pictures to Betsy.