I do plan to keep my day job but…

Maybe some day Matt will post a paragraph about me like the one Dexter did for him for Father’s day; not the Strong Bad thing or the game winning but the fixing technical stuff thing.

BetsTop (Betsy’s HP laptop) had intermittent problems recognizing the power plug. Several months ago I took it all apart and resoldered the jack and that fixed the problem for about a week. So when it died again, I ordered a new jack. Then life took over and the laptop has been sitting on my desk right next to the new jack and the 8-10 screws I had left over from the last repair attempt. Inspired by Dex and Matt, I finally got around to replacing the jack.

Link to pics
I had the new jack in yesterday morning but we had a few graduation parties to go to so I left it all disassembled. Betsy had to stay over at the inn last night so around 10 I decided to put it back together.
It powered right up but I had no keyboard. I knew I had not seating the signal strip in the zero insertion force thingee so I had to remove the keyboard, reseat it (only took 2 tries) and I had keyboard. Then the radio button would not work. So I had to take the keyboard cover apart. I had a wire that snuck under the plastic and was sitting over the radio on button. So I pushed it back into the channel and voila! it is working again. We’ll see how long this lasts but at least I know I got the new jack in successfully.

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